The Italian Promoters’ Association (Assomusica) Nominated Carlo Parodi as President

After Vincenzo Spera’s premature passing in March, Parodi becomes the new chairman of the national association. The new board of directors has also been elected

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  • Il8 Maggio 2023
The Italian Promoters’ Association (Assomusica) Nominated Carlo Parodi as President

From left to right: Fulvio De Rosa, Giuseppe Gomez Paloma, Rita Zappador, Carlo Parodi, Paolo De Biasi, Giampaolo Grotta, Vincenzo Bellini

Carlo Parodi is the new president of Assomusica, the Italian association of concert organizers. The election is the result of the 35th national assembly of the associates. Parodi’s presidency follows the one of Vincenzo Spera, who prematurely died on March 13.

With thirty years of experience in the business, especially in his home town of Turin, Parodi founded Flowers Festival and the popular club Hiroshima Mon Amour, among other projects. He is the sixth president of Assomusica.

The new president will guide the activities of the association such as the law on live entertainment, the abolition of the nominal ticket, the abolition of added taxes for promoters required by city administrations, all of which were conducted by ad interim president Paolo De Biasi over the last months.

Contextually, the new board of directors was also elected. The new members are Vincenzo Bellini, Paolo De Biasi, Fulvio De Rosa, Giuseppe Gomez Paloma, Giampaolo Grotta, Rita Zappador.

It is with a sense of pride, but also great responsibility and commitment, that I accept this role and the trust that the new board of directors and I received,” said Parodi. “The most complex matters will be pursued immediately, with special attention. I’ll try to give my contribution and interpret all the necessities of a vibrant and articulate industry such as the live music business. We left the pandemic behind. It demonstrated the complexity of this sector and the fact that, in order to be strong, Assomusica, needs to be united. Maybe that’s one of the most important aspects of Vincenzo Spera’s legacy.”