Bob Sinclar to Release Remix of Matia Bazar’s 80s hit song “Ti Sento”

After remixing Raffaella Carrà’s “A Far l’Amore Comincia Tu,” the French DJ reworks a classic of Italian synth pop

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  • Il25 Ottobre 2023
Bob Sinclar to Release Remix of Matia Bazar’s 80s hit song “Ti Sento”

Bob Sinclar

Twelve years after the successful “Far l’Amore” (remix of “A Far l’Amore Begin Tu” by Raffaella Carrà), Bob Sinclar works on another classic of Italian music. This time it’s an 80s Italian synth pop success: “Ti Sento” by Matia Bazar, sung by Antonella Ruggiero. The track will be available on streaming platforms on Friday, October 27 via Time Records.

Bob Sinclar has always been a huge fan of the song “Ti Sento”. So he decided to create a new version of the song that he will play in his international DJ sets.

“Ti Sento” is not just a classic of Italian music. The song also topped the music charts in several European countries, especially Germany and the Netherlands. The song was also released in Spanish (“Te Siento”) and English (“I Feel You”). Chris Lowe of Pet Shop Boys also listed the song as one of his favorites on his “Back to Mine” collection.

Why Bob Sinclar remixed “Ti Sento” by Matia Bazar

The production was sensational and Antonella Ruggiero’s vocal performance has never been equaled in any cover version since,” says Sinclar. “Earlier this year I made my own version because I thought it was the right time to bring it back into my DJ set. Matia Bazar heard it on my social media accounts and we decided to release the new version this autumn. I hope that all DJs and a new global audience will appreciate this version that I created with the heart out of respect for a timeless classic.”

He continues: “Since I worked with Raffaella Carrà, everyone knows that I am a big fan of Italodisco. The genre was known for its amazing hooks and melodies mixed with synthetic music. Very often criticized by Italian journalists in the early 1980s, Italodisco inspired world-famous electronic artists such as Erasure, New Order and Pet Shop Boys and also influenced the house music movement, from Franky Knuckles (in Chicago) to Juan Atkins and Derrick May (in Detroit).”

Matia Bazar’s comment

“We are particularly happy with this collaboration and that Bob Sinclar has chosen to work on a cult song from our repertoire,” said Matia Bazar. “’Ti Sento’ is a hit song that preserves the stylistic and musical traits of the 80s but it’s actually timeless.”

Antonella Ruggiero added: “The song had a rather elaborate gestation, both artistically and humanly. Begun under the supervision of Roberto Colombo and finished with the production of Celso Valli, it is one of the most energetic pieces of the entire Matia Bazar repertoire performed by me and is still recognized and loved by the audience on an international level.”