+573% of Concertgoers in Italy in 2022 YOY

The Italian collecting society SIAE presented the annual report about the live events in the country, also revealing the ranking of the biggest concerts of the past year

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  • Il13 Ottobre 2023
+573% of Concertgoers in Italy in 2022 YOY

Ph. Diane Picchiottino / Unsplash

The Italian collecting society SIAE presented “Entertainment and Sport”, the annual report about live events in Italy, including concerts, also revealing the biggest ones of the past year.

“2022 has shown encouraging signs,” said Matteo Fedeli, general director of SIAE, “especially after the end of the state of emergency. The past year saw over 3 million events, an overall increase of approximately 80% compared to the offer of the previous year, but 29% less than 2019. Talking about the audience, almost 205 million spectators were recorded, some sectors having figures even higher than the pre-pandemic period”.

More than 20,9 concertgoers

The SIAE report notes that in 2022 there were over 31,000 concerts in Italy. That is a growth of 182% compared to the previous year. Part of this growth can be explained with the rescheduling of the concerts initially scheduled for 2020 or 2021. Registered concertgoers were more than 20.9 million, with a growth of 573% compared to 2021.

“2022 can be defined as a substantially positive year for live music,” says a press release, “with a general improvement on all fronts and the feeling of a return to normality. In general, live music is confirmed to be a sector of entertainment much loved by the Italian public. It represents over a quarter of the spectators of live entertainment and half of the revenues of cultural entertainment”.

The biggest concerts of 2022 in Italy

SIAE also disclosed the concerts with the highest number of attendees in 2022 in Italy. Here is the top 10:

  • Vasco Rossi – Trentino Music Arena, May 20 (111.881 attendees)
  • Ligabue – Campovolo, June 4 (104.328 attendees)
  • “Una, nessuna, centomila” – Campovolo, June 11 (96.735 attendees)
  • Vasco Rossi – Imola, May 28 (82.297 attendees)
  • Vasco Rossi – Ippodromo di Milano, May 25 (81.987 attendees)
  • Ultimo – Circo Massimo, July 17 (70.151 attendees)
  • Måneskin – Circo Massimo, July 9 (70.141 attendees)
  • Vasco Rossi – Circo Massimo, June 11 (68.738 attendees)
  • Vasco Rossi – Circo Massimo, June 12 (68.303 attendees)
  • Imagine Dragons – Ippodromo di Milano, June 11 (64.124 attendees)