Måneskin Announced New Single “Honey (Are U Coming?)”

The release date is unknown at the moment, but an Instagram post says it will be “soon”

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  • Il9 Agosto 2023
Måneskin Announced New Single “Honey (Are U Coming?)”

Måneskin (ph. Delacroix)

We don’t know exactly when (maybe this Friday?), but Måneskin will be back with a new single very soon. It will be titled Honey (Are U Coming?).

Måneskin announce the new single

The band announced it with an Instagram post on August 8. In a very short video, we see a burning lollipop surrounded by barbed wire and we hear Damiano scream the words that make up the title. From this tiny fragment, the new single sounds like a song with a pretty “heavy” sound.

This is how Måneskin announced the new single: “HONEY! (Are u coming?) ❤️‍🔥 our new single coming soon. Pre-save/pre-add and have a chance to win tickets for the RUSH! World Tour! Link in bio”.

The band’s success

Honey (Are U Coming?) is the first piece of new music from Måneskin since the release of the album Rush!, which came out in January this year. The album debuted at no. 18 on the Billboard 200 and reached the first position of the charts in twelve countries: Italy, France, Canada, Japan (international char), Portugal, Greece, Czechia , Slovakia, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Lithuania. It reached the top 5 in sixteen other countries, including the UK, Germany and Spain.

Among Måneskin’s recent concerts, the ones at Primavera Sound in Barcelona and at San Siro in Milan, which we have told you about on these pages, have been memorable.

At Primavera they proved to be a truly phenomenal live band. The exchange of energy with the public was magnificent. Theirs was the most “physical” show of those we have seen at the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona.

At San Siro, not even the almost incessant rain stopped Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas, who gathered 60,000 fans for a sensational sold out.

Now, the band’s show at Madison Square Garden in New York is particularly awaited. Måneskin will play at the prestigious venue on September 21 as part of their “Rush! World Tour”. Also, they got a nomination for “Best Rock” at the MTV VMAs 2023.