Mark Ronson Remixed Mina’s “Ancora Ancora Ancora” for Gucci

The remix is now available on streaming platforms after premiering at Gucci’s runway at Milan Fashion Week

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  • Il19 Ottobre 2023
Mark Ronson Remixed Mina’s “Ancora Ancora Ancora” for Gucci

Detail of the artwork of "Ancora, Ancora Ancora - Mark Ronson Remix"

Those who went to the “Gucci Ancora” fashion show in September, during the latest Milan Fashion Week, were not indifferent to listening to a famous song by Mina, “Ancora, Ancora, Ancora.” At the time of the Gucci show – wheree Lykke Li’s “Late Night Feelings” and Romy’s “Loveher” were also heard – not everyone was aware that the top producer Mark Ronson had remixed it. During the evening party after the show, Ronson was the protagonist of a DJ set which not everyone appreciated due to his lack of courage in the music selection.

The enthusiasm that was felt at the edges of the catwalk for “Ancora, Ancora, Ancora – Mark Ronson Remix” has absolutely not waned. Since Wednesday, October 18, the new version of Mina’s song is available on all digital platforms. The remix is ​​accompanied by a special re-edition of the historic album cover in the “Gucci Rosso Ancora” color.

Massimiliano Pani on Mark Ronson’s remix

We asked Massimiliano Pani, son and producer of the great singer, to talk about his impressions on the remix of this iconic song brought to success in 1978 by Mina, with lyrics written by Cristiano Malgioglio.

“The creative director of Gucci, Sabato De Sarno, is a huge fan of my mother’s songs,” says Pani. “For this new show, he chose ‘Ancora, Ancora, Ancora’. He asked Ronson to make his own version and adapt it to the pace of the models for the fashion show. Well, Mark Ronson didn’t know Mina and her catalogue, he wasn’t a fan of hers. But as soon as he heard some great classics from Mina, he was truly enthusiastic. He kept the strings arrangement and also a Seventies kind of atmosphere in his remix».

The new version has a slight disco music, Donna-Summer-style. Did she like this? “Of course she liked it, otherwise she wouldn’t have even authorized it. And I agree with you. Mark Ronson loves a certain Seventies disco. You could hear it when he worked with Bruno Mars. However, the thing that makes me proud is that among the songs chosen for this Gucci fashion show, the most appreciated song was Mina’s “Ancora, Ancora, Ancora” remixed by Mark Ronson.