Artistic Director Amadeus Announced New Rules for Sanremo 2024

The main host and artistic director revealed the first innovations of Sanremo 2024, from the elimination of the statistical jury to the artists as co-hosts

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  • Il10 Luglio 2023
Artistic Director Amadeus Announced New Rules for Sanremo 2024

Amadeus (ph. Maria Laura Antonelli / AGF)

It is only July but the Sanremo fever is already starting. On Sunday, July 9, main host and artistic director Amadeus spoke to Tg1 (the live news of Italian national broadcaster Rai) to announce the first details about Sanremo 2024.

The first thing is the dates. As usual, the Festival will start on the first Tuesday of February and will last until Saturday night, therefore from the 6th to the 10th of February 2024. But the biggest changes affect the vote of the jury and the role of the 26 contestants.

The elimination of the statistical jury

Unlike the past few editions, there will not be a statistical jury voting at Sanremo 2024. It will be replaced by a radio jury that will include both national and regional broadcasters.

The final vote will determine the absolute winner among the first five contestants. It will be so distributed: 34% to the people’s vote, 33% to the accredited press, 33% to the radio jury.

The artists of Sanremo 2024 as co-hosts

All 26 artists of Sanremo 2024 will perform during the first night of the Festival. Their songs will be voted by the accredited press for the first partial ranking.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the singers will be split in two groups. Those who will not be performing on either night co-host the show with Amadeus and introduce their colleagues. Combinations will be announced after a draw during press conferences on February 7 and 8. The performances of those nights will be voted jointly by the TV audience and the radio jury.

The night of Friday will be dedicated to covers (both Italian and international songs, with no limits in terms of eras). Finally, on Saturday (Feb. 10) we will hear all the competing songs once again. All juries will vote them.

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