Måneskin’s Damiano David Will Appear in Anitta’s New Music Video

After several hints on her social media, the Brazilian star revealed Måneskin’s singer will be the protagonist of the video of her new single “Mil Veces”, out on Oct. 19

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  • Il17 Ottobre 2023
Måneskin’s Damiano David Will Appear in Anitta’s New Music Video

Damiano David and Anitta

Anitta has finally revealed the name of the male co-star in the video of her new song “Mil Veces”. It will be Damiano David, the frontman of Måneskin. The new single will be released by the Brazilian star on Friday, October 19, together with its music video.

Yesterday (October 16), Anitta begun to reveal the first hints of the new video. In one of the photos published on her Instagram account you could see the outlines of a male figure, which however the artist did not immediately reveal to be Damiano from Måneskin. In the evening, the pop star from Rio De Janeiro revealed the identity of the “mysterious” man to all her followers.

Now you know why I would have recorded this video a thousand more times,” Anitta wrote jokingly in the caption of her Instagram post. The ironic sentence also refers to the title of the new song from Anitta: “Mil Veces” means “A Thousand Times.”

The comments of Anitta and Damiano from Måneskin

Damiano’s comment didn’t take long to arrive. The leader of the Italian band commented the photo of him hugging Anitta: “My girlfriend for a day,” wrote the singer. The Brazilian pop star also shared the news on her TikTok profile, with the same playful tone. Ironically alluding to their phantom relationship, Anitta published a short video, commenting: “When you finally show your boyfriend on social media.”

Anitta, protagonist of an overwhelming concert at the Milan Latin Festival in the summer of 2022, is now one of the most followed Latin artists on the planet. With over 21 million streams on Spotify, from 2013 to today, she released five official albums. The latest of which, released a year ago, is “Versions of Me.” The album was released by Warner Music and was produced by Ryan Tedder, singer and leader of the band OneRepublic. It is Anitta’s first album designed and distributed for the international market.