Exclusive: Watch Video of Dola’s “Dammi il Tesoro” (with Lyrics Written by Tiziano Ferro)

The American singer/songwriter just loves Italy. The visuals were shot in the country with outfits by Dolce & Gabbana

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  • Il5 Giugno 2023
Exclusive: Watch Video of Dola’s “Dammi il Tesoro” (with Lyrics Written by Tiziano Ferro)

Dola (foto di Max Perissi)

Condola Rashad, aka Dola, released her first Italian single and music video Dammi iI Tesoro. The song is a reinterpretation of her own Give Up the Gold written in collaboration with Tiziano Ferro, one of Italy’s most famous and awarded singer-songwriters. Produced by Dola and directed by Andre Shahayda, the visuals were shot in Italy by a female-led production team. The wardrobe was provided by Dolce & Gabbana. Here is the video premiere.

The video of Dammi il Tesoro

The track and visual succeed Dola’s debut EP Space Daughter (2020), a visual project that she conceived, produced and co-directed, a vivacious ode to the Divine Feminine. Dola and producer Lord Quest collaborated and produced each track on the EP, while Dola and musician and artist, Sad Alex, wrote the lyrics.

“When I created my EP, one of my mentors suggested I create an Italian version of Give Up the Gold because of my deep connection to Italy and the country’s language”, says Dola. “Another mentor of mine had a connection with the one and only Tiziano Ferro. I reached out, and surprisingly Tiziano responded within a few days!”.

She continues: “We connected right away he and wrote the Italian version entitled Dammi il Tesoro. Tiziano accompanied me to the studio and helped with my dialect to ensure I was pronouncing everything correctly. Even with the video, Tiziano was instrumental in connecting me with Dolce & Gabbana. He’s helped me every single step of the way. He’s like my Italian big brother”.

A singer, producer, and songwriter, Dola is a multifaceted storyteller. She trained as a classical pianist during her adolescence and was the lead singer and songwriter of an alternative band, Condola & the Stoop Kids, in New York City.

Earlier this year, Dola released a cover of the Neapolitan song Na voce, na chitarra e ‘o poco ‘e luna by Carlo Alberto Rossi and Ugo Calise on YouTube. It was the the first time for her singing in another language.