Eros Ramazzotti Starts the World Tour in Sevilla: «People Appreciate Music Played by Professionals»

We attended the opening show of the Roman artist’s tour, who later met the press. He talked about the importance of playing music, of Ennio Morricone, of his daughter Aurora

Autore Silvia Danielli
  • Il16 Settembre 2022
Eros Ramazzotti Starts the World Tour in Sevilla: «People Appreciate Music Played by Professionals»

Eros Ramazzotti, live a Siviglia il 15 settembre, foto: BSA Studio

«People appreciate melody, rhythm, music played by professionals. Well played, not like the music we often hear today». Eros Ramazzotti just finished the first concert of his Battito Infinito World Tour. We are in Sevilla, Spain, at a bar close to Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza, around midnight. He tries to answer to a journalist’s (apparently simple) question: what do fans love about his music, especially the ones from the Latin world?

But today is also the release date of Eros Ramazzotti’s new album, Battito Infinito (Capitol Records / Vertigo / Eventim Live). In it, there is all of him. Love songs, «but not just love», as he points out during the brief post-concert meeting. “Love” in the wider sense, of course. The songs feature top-level Italian songwriters. Bungaro wrote Sono, where Eros sings along the Latin star Alejandro Sanz. Cheope wrote the lyrics of Ama and Mogol composed its music. Colapesce and Dimartino wrote Eccezionali and Figli della Terra, where Eros sings with Jovanotti. Colapesce also co-wrote Madonna de Guadalupe. The music of Ogni Volta Che Respiro was written by no less than Ennio Morricone. And there is Aurora.

Aurora attending the concert

For Gen Z, Aurora Ramazzotti is even more famous than his father. Also, she is present in the song Battito Infinito, as she wrote parts of the lyrics in English, and in the video of Ama, where she appears with her mother Michelle. «The idea was mine and she wrote the lyrics», says Eros Ramazzotti. «My children are everything for me, that’s obvious».

The day after, surrounded by journalists at the airport, she resizes her role. «Well, my dad asked me to go to the studio and sing as a back vocalist. I sang a part in Italian but the result wasn’t good. So my dad asked me to translate it in English and sing it».

She gets asked whether Eros ever expressed the desire to become a grandpa. «Well, no, it’s not his style». When a journalist jokingly says that the press is not ready for the news of her pregnancy, she replies: «Don’t tell me! Me neither! Please note that this is a “no comment”. I’ll speak my mind at the right time!».

Eros’ “infinite beat” across the world

At the concert in Sevilla, Eros Ramazzotti decides to present four songs from the album, which clearly shows an international vision. The show starts with a previously unheard song: the title track. For sure, his music is perfectly and flawlessly played by his band. The musicians are Luca Scarpa (piano), Eric Moore (drums), Giovanni Boscariol (keyboards), Giorgio Secco and Luca Mantovanelli (guitars), Paolo Costa (bass), Marco Scipione (saxophone), Dario Tanghetti (percussions), Monica Hill and Roberta Gentile (vocals).

The world of Eros Ramazzotti

Entering the world of Eros Ramazzotti is like diving into the past, between the Eighties and the Nineties. Not only because his biggest hits were released in that era – Se Bastasse, Un’Emozione per Sempre, Musica è, Cose della Vita, Più Bella Cosa – but also for the atmosphere that this concert exhales. It is like time stopped. The audience (about 6.000 people) is nice and polite. The average age is certainly not low but people are warm.

Next to the stage there are lit candles and the general sensation is almost that the pandemic never happened.

He concludes our meeting by saying: «You don’t hear a lot of nice things about Italy around the world, but I’m proud to be Italian. There’s a lot of beauty. We only need to look for it. Sometimes we give a good example and do things properly. That’s the Italy I want to be known for».

After ten “premieres” in five arenas, the official world tour (produced by Vertigo and Eventim Live) will start from Los Angeles on October 30th.