Laura Pausini Announced Concerts in Venice and Seville as a World Tour Preview

The Italian popstar will perform this summer in two splendid and iconic squares: Piazza San Marco and Plaza de España. Tickets are already available
Laura Pausini - World Tour preview
Laura Pausini

Thirty years ago, with the victory of Sanremo 1993 with La Solitudine, Laura Pausini started her exceptional career. Since then, she became Italy’s most successful female artist the world: 13 albums, 75 million copies sold, dozens of national and international awards, including a Grammy Award, four Latin Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination.

2018 was the year of her last album (Fatti Sentire) as well as her last concert. After five years, she celebrates her live comeback with three prestigious appointments as a preview of her upcoming world tour.

For the first time in her career, Laura Pausini will perform in the splendid Piazza San Marco of Venice (June 30th, already sold out, and July 1st). Then she will fly to Seville, Spain, for a concert in Plaza de España (July 21st).

Update: due to fast ticket sales, new dates were just added both in Venice (July 2nd) and Seville (July 22nd). Tickets are available on TicketOne and Ticketmaster (Venice) and on SeeTickets (Seville).

What Laura Pausini said

The popstar commented with the following statement:

Over the last 30 years, I think I did almost a thousand concerts and the live dimension is the main reason why I do this job. I’m proud to call it that: music is something serious. It starts from a passion and it takes a lot of study, discipline, consistency, willingness and sacrifice to make it your job. But it’s worth it.

I learned this job on the field: I immediately started travelling and studying in order to be able to sing in five languages. I never surrendered, but I sacrificed a lot. I’m always proud of that! Being able to travel the world and sing in Italian, with songs written by Italians, with shows designed by Italians, gives me goosebumps every time.

But I noticed that in all these years I never performed neither in Venice nor in Seville. So I want to start from there, going back to the squares, because my very first tour back in 1993 was in the squares around Italy. It is with great enthusiasm that I’m announcing these two previews, which soon I’ll detail more. They are just a teaser of what will come next to thank you and celebrate what you gave me 30 years ago, changing my life and my dreams.

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