Laura Pausini Released New Single “Durare”

It is the new single from the upcoming album “Anime Parallele”, set to be released on Oct. 27 also in its Spanish version “Almas Paralelas”

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  • Il15 Settembre 2023
Laura Pausini Released New Single “Durare”

Today (Friday, September 15), Laura Pausini released Durare, the new single anticipating her new album Anime Parallele. It is also available in the Spanish version (Durar), as is the entire album (with the title Almas Paralelas). It will be released on October 27 via Warner Music.

About the new single Durare by Laura Pausini

Durare by Laura Pausini is a romantic ballad, a declaration of love that marks the time that a couple spends together as different phases of life pass by.

“From the first moment in the studio when I started singing this song written two years ago with Edwyn Roberts and Paolo Antonacci and produced by Michelangelo and Paolo Carta, I knew that it would be the first single of my new album with which I would like to introduce myself after so long time”, says Laura Pausini about Durare.

She continues: “This song tells how it is possible for me to still believe in love stories that want to build a life path together. Knowing each other, desiring each other, inventing each other, understanding each other. And also going crazy, together. Discovering how beautiful it is to share a destiny. To last: yes, it is possible”.

The world tour

The release of Durare and Anime Parallele / Almas Paralelas anticipates the Laura Pausini World Tour 2023/2024. After the special previews in Piazza San Marco in Venice and Plaza de España in Seville last July, the tour will kick off in Italy in December. Then it will move to the most prestigious arenas in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

After announcing the opening of two new dates in Chile (February 23 in Monticello and 25 in Santiago), the Italian leg is also enriched with new dates. There will be a fourth date in Rome (December 16) and a second date in Bologna (January 10).

Laura Pausini’s world tour is organized and produced by Friends&Partners.

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