Lazza’s “Sirio” Is the Best-Selling Album of 2022 in Italy: View the Yearly Charts

According to the charts released by FIMI/GfK, the top 10 of both the Albums and the Singles chart are fully dominated by Italian artists

FIMI/GfK released Top Of The Music 2022, the yearly charts of the best-selling albums, singles, and vinyls in Italy. Predictably enough, Lazza’s Sirio conquered the first position of the Albums & Compilations chart, as it kept the peak of the regular albums chart for a whopping 18 weeks. Rkomi’s Taxi Driver ranks second and Blanco’s Blu Celeste third. Both were released in 2021.

Mahmood and Blanco dominate the Singles chart with their Brividi, with which they won the Sanremo Festival 2022. After them comes Rhove, among the big revelations of last year, with his hit Shakerando. Dargen D’Amico ranks third with Dove Si Balla.

FIMI also released the chart of the best-selling vinyls of the year, which shows a good balance between Italian and international names. The first three positions are occupied by Harry Styles’ Harry’s House, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, and Noyz Narcos’ Virus.

FIMI: «No other cultural sector has seen such a generational turnover»

«The strong affirmation of a new generation of artists who represent the great change that has taken place in the sector is also the result of the heavy investments of the recording industry made over the years, even during the difficult phase of the pandemic», said Enzo Mazza, CEO of FIMI. «In the last ten years, the average age of the artists in the top 10 has dropped by 35%, highlighting a generational turnover that no other cultural sector has been able to guarantee in our country».

In terms of certifications, 2022 saw a total of 267 albums, 2 compilations and 325 singles certified either gold, platinum or multi-platinum, for a total number of 594 titles.

For the first time ever, FIMI enters web 3.0 by exploiting blockchain technology and assigning, in conjunction with the usual physical award, a prize in NFT format to the best-selling artist of the year.

The charts

Albums – top 10

  1. Sirio – Lazza
  2. Taxi Driver – Rkomi
  3. Blu Celeste – Blanco
  4. Noi, Loro, gli Altri – Marracash
  5. Il Giorno in Cui Ho Smesso di Pensare – Irama
  6. c@ra++ere s?ec!@le – thasup
  7. Salvatore – Paky
  8. Materia (Pelle) – Marco Mengoni
  9. Caos – Fabri Fibra
  10. X2 – Sick Luke

Singles – top 10

  1. Brividi – Mahmood & Blanco
  2. Shakerando – Rhove
  3. Dove Si Balla – Dargen D’Amico
  4. Farfalle – Sangiovanni
  5. La coda del Diavolo – Rkomi & Elodie
  6. La Dolce Vita – Fedez, Tananai, Mara Sattei
  7. Giovani Wannabe – Pinguini Tattici Nucleari
  8. 5 Gocce – Irama & Rkomi
  9. Baby Goddamn – Tananai
  10. Ciao Ciao – La Rappresentante di Lista

Vinyls – top 10

  1. Harry’s House – Harry Styles
  2. The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
  3. Virus – Noyz Narcos
  4. Noi, Loro, gli Altri – Marracash
  5. Teatro d’Ira Vol. 1 – Måneskin
  6. Canzoni da Intorto – Francesco Guccini
  7. Caos – Fabri Fibra
  8. AM – Arctic Monkeys
  9. Sirio – Lazza
  10. Animals – Pink Floyd

View the full charts here.

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