Meta and Italian Collecting Society SIAE Fail to Renew License Deal

A state-owned monopoly in the past, the Italian Association of Authors and Publishers still handles the publishing rights of the vast majority of music in Italy
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A renewal of the license deal between Meta and the Italian collecting society SIAE has not been reached, as communicated by both parties today (Mar. 16).

“Safeguarding the rights of songwriters and artists is an absolute priority for us. Therefore, today we will start the procedure to remove the songs of the SIAE catalog from our music library,” said a spokesperson of Meta quoted by newspaper La Repubblica. “We have license deals in more than 150 countries and will continue to work towards a deal with SIAE that be satisfying for all parties.”

The biggest impact will be on reels and stories. Facebook will block contents that include music from the SIAE-controlled catalog. Instagram will mute them, unless users decide to select a different song from the music library.

SIAE issued a press release: “The association is being asked to accept Meta’s unilateral proposal, regardless of any transparent and shared evaluation of the actual value of the repertoire. This position, along with Meta’s refusal to share relevant information for a fair agreement, is evidently in contrast with the principles established by the EU copyright law. […] SIAE has continued to seek an agreement with Meta in good faith, despite the platform has been without a license since Jan. 1, 2023.”

Giulio Rapetti Mogol, honorary president of SIAE, commented the event during an album presentation: “These platforms make billions of euros, yet are reluctant to pay [authors and publishers]. We make a living thanks to copyright, therefore our struggle is just and sacred.”

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