Here Are the Titles of the Songs Competing at Sanremo 2023

Six talents pass the Sanremo Giovani contest and join the 22 “Big” already announced. gIANMARIA ranked first among them
Sanremo Giovani Amadeus
Amadeus, foto di Marco Rossi

The final of the contest Sanremo Giovani took place last night (December 16th). During the event, Amadeus (main host and artistic director of Sanremo) and Gianni Morandi revealed the titles of the songs competing at the 73rd edition of the Festival. But not only that. Besides proclaiming the winner of the category, they also announced who else among the “Young” would join the list of the 22 “Big”.

gIANMARIA triumphed with his song La Città Che Odi. Olly, Will, Sethu, Shari, and Colla Zio also pass. Giuse The Lizia, Maninni, Fiat 131, Noor, Romeo & Drill, and Mida are excluded.

The titles of the songs of Sanremo 2023

  • Ultimo, Alba
  • Tananai, Tango
  • Madame, Il Bene nel Male
  • Giorgia, Parole Dette Male
  • Mr.Rain, Supereroi
  • Elodie, Due
  • Gianluca Grignani, Quando Ti Manca il Fiato
  • Marco Mengoni, Due Vite
  • Anna Oxa, Sali (Canto dell’Anima)
  • Lazza, Cenere
  • Mara Sattei, Duemilaminuti
  • Modà, Lasciami
  • Paola e Chiara, Furore
  • Colapesce Dimartino, Splash
  • Leo Gassman, Terzo Cuore
  • Articolo 31, Un Bel Viaggio
  • Ariete, Mare di Guai
  • Cugini di Campagna, Lettera 22
  • Levante, Vivo
  • Coma Cose, L’addio
  • LDA, Se Poi Domani
  • Rosa Chemical, Made in Italy

Some information about the songwriters is also now available. For example, Mara Sattei’s Duemilaminuti was written by Måneskin’s Damiano; Leo Gassman’s Terzo Cuore by Riccardo Zanotti of Pinguini Tattici Nucleari; and Cugini di Campagna’s Lettera 22 by La Rappresentante di Lista.

Sanremo 2023 will take place from February 7th to 11th.


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Sanremo 2023, svelati i titoli dei brani in gara e i sei nuovi big. gIANMARIA vince la categoria giovani

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